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I want to challenge you to be better than your best. Very often we just need a little more courage to face our self-doubts and limiting beliefs, to go after the one thing that we have always dreamt, or to take a leap of faith to step forward to an unfamiliar horizon. That’s why and when you need a life coach, someone professionally trained and genuinely cares to encourage and guide you through the clouds and webs in your life. While it is okay to feel not ready yet and wait a little longer, just be mindful not to let that a little turn into a lifetime.

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I worked my butt off for years but someone else always got promoted

Rising stars and high potentials, if you constantly fear that you may fall off the corporate ladder even though you are the most hardworking person on the planet, or if you fear that you may eventually find out (or worse, never find out) that your ladder has all along been leaning against the wrong wall, I’d love to have a chat with you to share my personal experience in the legal and luxury/fashion industries.

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Trust us, we have all been there, that’s why we wanted to help you find your true gifts, happiness, purpose and legacy to humanity.

I have so much to offer to the world but no one seems to see me

“I know I can do better and I can offer a lot to the world, but I don’t know what I can do, what I am good at, what I want to do in life, or even why I exist or matter! And people are just too busy to car

Trust us, we have all been there, that’s why we wanted to help you find your true gifts, happiness, purpose and legacy to humanity.

e or hear me out…”

Trust us, we have all been there, that’s why we wanted to help you find your true gifts, happiness, purpose and legacy to humanity.

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I don’t need a coach… or do I? 

We are happy when we make progress and achieve our desired outcomes in life. Whenever you are not, a motivational and performance coach can help you achieve progress in the areas of your life that matter. It takes work and dedication on your part to achieve your defined success, and a coach is here with you on your journey to help you discover and live your purpose, set goals and action steps and consistently support you to move forward. Just imagine, even the most successful actors and actresses, singers, professional athletes and even life coaches have their own coaches to help them along their journey.

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“Bernie has an incredible amount of wisdom that I seldom see in a single person. I find her to be fully understanding of the level each client is at. She explores each of my boundaries with utmost love and clarity. The inquisitive mind on her shoulders does not easily ‘accept’ any of my limiting beliefs. Bernie is quick to get me explore my thinking by asking open-ended but still precise questions, in order to help me see my intellectual and other short-comings. She makes no assumptions and effectively helps me expand the boundary of my vision and thoughts without me even realising that I just got myself unshackled from what might have been decades of old cultural or childhood beliefs. Her power as a coach in accepting a client’s apparent limiting beliefs and not negatively judging them, not beating around the bush (so to speak), and helping me discover where and why those beliefs existed in the first place, is phenomenal in my opinion. She knows exactly ‘what to leave alone’ and how to guide an intelligent client realise and change course from a limited mindset within minutes of a discussion…..”

Sherif Gaafar, Switzerland

My name is Andrew Mullins, and I too am a Coach, a Guide, a Mentor – a Knowledge Adventurer. As a result of being coached by Bernie, I have gotten not only more clarity, I am more motivated and even more excited and energised to keep doing what I do in my life. Bernie is very personable as well as quite structured. Bernie is well-accomplished in her own right, which I think helps enable her to recognise and catch people when they are going through ‘their stuff’ – a totally normal and human experience, and as such Bernie is quick and able to keep one on track – and that is what I needed at times; so thank you Bernie for helping to declutter the way on my path. Again, Bernie is more than a coach, she too is an entrepreneur, as well as a published author and personal development aficionado and much more too – she’s a mother – the most important, demanding, challenging and rewarding role of all, which brings even more wisdom to what she does. If you are looking for a coach who will work with you, for you, not ‘blow-smoke-up-you-backside’, in other words give it to you straight, while holding a safe space within which to open-up, along with holding you accountable and getting you to where and what you want, then I totally and without reservation recommend Bernie, you’ll be so glad you did.”

Andrew Mullins, U.K.

“I want to thank Bernie for helping me get clarity on issues I was facing. We often don’t see things clearly when we’re in it day in day out. Bernie was great at making me comfortable to think and reflect on them. Being there for me and asking the right questions she helped me to find answers and to identify things I could do to move forward. I moved past them within a week of having my session with Bernie!”

Nhan Phan, UK

“Bernie is a very kind and motivating coach. Her questions are thought-provoking and will help you gain insight about yourself. She is punctual and helpful. Bernie is a very good listener and I had amazing coaching sessions with her.”

Pooja, USA

“I have had coaching sessions with Bernie for a few months now. At each session, Bernie lends her listening ears with patience, and through asking powerful questions she guides me to discover what else I could possibly uncover in my circumstances, which has been absolutely useful for me to tackle each context. These self-reflections are like little reminders to myself, but as we are all being distracted by too many daily routines, these little reminders do help me make progress in stalled situations. I find this life coaching experience a valuable one, it is like a ‘magical enlightenment’ guiding me through puzzles in my life. I always have an entrepreneurial spirit in my career, and Bernie has encouraged and helped me strengthen my creativity throughout this coaching experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Bernie to anyone who seeks to be a better version of themselves.”

Jessie, Hong Kong

“Bernie was my first coaching experience and it was definitely a delight. She was professional and she did a wonderful job by challenging and pushing me to face my own fear in my career growth. It’s amazing how everything I needed to combat that fear was already in me, and I just simply needed someone to help me find it. I want to thank Bernie for helping me find my own confidence to accelerate my progression in my career, and in life.”

Krystal, UK

“Bernie is a compassionate listener and a very good coach. Each time I work with her she brings a new perspective to the issue we discuss. I recommend Bernie with all my heart.”

Dana Iliescu, Belgium

“I find Bernie’s coaching style unique and insightful! She will help you dig deep and find your own answers.”

Richard Pedro, USA

“I have been working with Bernie in her professional capacity for a long time, I find it comforting and fortunate to have such a capable and reliable person to guide and assist when I need. Bernie is experienced in various business matters and she works extremely efficiently. She is patient and willing to use her time to explain complex concepts in simple terms to me. I am impressed with her efforts and I am sure other people who have worked with her feel the same. Personally Bernie is a cheerful, honest and knowledgeable friend. Her passion and dedication to her businesses inspires me a lot. I know that if I refer friends or clients to her, they will be in trusted and capable hands of someone who truly cares.”

Anita Kwan, Director, Kidmaster Educational Toys Co. Ltd., Hong Kong

“I worked with Bernie from June of 2020 to January 2021, I was new to coaching and nervous about working with a coach. When I first began working with Bernie I struggled with issues of confidence, imposter syndrome, vulnerability, and maintaining motivation. Over the 7 months I worked with Bernie, I saw dramatic improvements in all of these areas. Bernie is an excellent coach, she constantly pushed me to think harder, dig deeper, and never let me off the hook when I was trying to evade a question. This is something I greatly appreciated about her process, in every session she created an environment where I felt safe sharing ( a challenge since I don’t like being vulnerable), a place where I felt like I could be my authentic self, and she assisted me in reframing many negative thought patterns that were holding me back. One aspect of Bernie’s coaching style that has impacted me greatly is her excellent ability to help me as the client brainstorm my options and create powerful, simple goals. I can confidently say that I am a different person for the better since working with Bernie. Her attention to detail, care for clients, and dedication to helping an individual to be their best comes through in such a genuine manner, it would be hard not to grow working with her! I would highly recommend working with Bernie, and know that in the future if I am in need of a coach again I will definitely seek out Bernie again.”

Suranga De Silva, USA

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