Bernie Hung

Authenticity, Motivational and Performance Coach

Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach

MBTI Stage I & II Practitioner & Feedback Coach

Member of the Association for Coaching

Member of the Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School, University of Reading



My vision is to ‘leave no pearls hidden under the haystack’, which is a Cantonese idiom with a similar meaning as “hidden gems”. It is my life purpose to help and guide you discover your talents, unbox your gifts, create and passionately live the life that you have always wanted, find your purpose, and go on to inspire and transform people around you.

Yes, YOU are that pearl, and the world is your oyster.

Pearls are extremely unique, glistening objects naturally produced over time;

Pearls are naturally perfect, complete and lustrous no matter what shapes, sizes and colours they come in, they need no polishing or cutting by man;

Pearls are rare, only one in several million shellfish yield a pearl; and

Pearls symbolise wisdom acquired through experience.

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Growing up I witnessed many people like my dad and brother, who were greatly talented in their own ways with unique personalities, but felt that they were not understood by this world, that their talents were ‘useless’ or wasted, were made to conform to cultural expectations or social ‘norms’ ended up abandoning their dreams and health, and left in pain and misery.

My memory of my dad and brother is that they were rarely happy, you seldom see them truly laugh or smile. There were invisible walls and tension in the house, people were easily triggered.

It was difficult to open up and share your thoughts and feelings, you kept silent and just ‘got on with it’ to ‘preserve harmony’, we rarely went out for meals or entertainment as a family; I grew up to be fiercely independent, hardworking and private because I did not want to bother other people. They did not take care of their health, the ensuing diabetes, kidney failures and suffering took their lives.

At the time we did not realise support was needed and as a result we were not able to see a happy ending for them. This has been what has inspired me to do what I do because life needs not and should not be like this. Had they have coaches or someone professionally trained who seek to genuinely understand them, guide them to unbox their unique gifts to the world, overcome their limiting beliefs, find their life purpose, and take actions towards living their dreams, their lives and those around them could have been so amazingly different.

This is why and what I seek to help you with. If you resonate with my story in any way, please feel free to message or email me, or book a call with me.

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My Coaching Beliefs

Each of us is unique with limitless potentials and this is our power.

You know yourself best and you are the author of your own powerful story.

With some guidance you are fully capable of creating and transforming your life beyond imagination.

There is definitely something in you that the world needs right now, etch your legacy on people’s hearts.

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Coaching is one of BlueBox’s core businesses. BlueBox’s four core business units: Café, Club Youth, 

Coaching and Consultancy are created and implemented to reflect our Branding, Core Beliefs and Values:

 B – Be Authentically Different. 

Our customers know and love us for our true uniqueness. We also believe in guiding and supporting individuals to transform into the best possible versions of their authentic selves. 

Thankfully each of us is different, because together we make the world more inclusive, collaborative and interesting. 

L – Lead. 

We believe in nurturing the leader in each of us and to lead by love, respect and service. 

U – You are Enough. 

We are small but we are enough. We also believe in helping people realise that they are enough, capable of transforming themselves and creating their ideal lives, and with this realisation we go on to inspire and transform people around us. 

E – Empower. 

We believe in empowering people to discover our own talent, journey, role and purpose, to get ready and stay ready for any challenges that may lie ahead of us

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